Integration Engineering

Integration Engineering

Our team of Electronic, Software and Mechanical engineers can help you with all your industrial integration needs. We specialize in designing and implementing solutions to many unaddressed industrial requirements, integrating multiple hardware vendors and interfacing hardware and software.

Solution Provider

As a solution provide we comprehensively handle the project needs of our customer from concept to installation through support.

Specialized Hardware

We carry a large selection of hardware to fully support your company's needs.
Our company is proud to design its own hardware integration modules to seamlessly integrate multiple platforms in to a single convergence point.

What we do

Univex Specialized Divisions:

Integration Engineering

We specialize in industrial hardware integration, providing turn key solutions to our customers.


Software aa Service, SaaS is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service.

Custom Software

We develop 100% custom made software to fully address your company's needs.

Specialized Hardware

To help our customers with their individual technology needs, we have developed specialized hardware to seamlessly integrate multiple hardware in a single communication point. This helps our customers to fully integrate their hardware into our software platform and into their ERP.

Asset protection

Our security systems division designs and installs high value asset protection devices taylor made to your specific needs. Contact us so we can evaluate your needs and provide you with and end to end solution.

Fire Detection & Supression

Our fire protection division provides multiple industrial fire protection systems raging from detection to supression.

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